Global haircuts

I pay 45 CHF (approx 45 US$) for a haircut in Basel, Switzerland. Nothing special. Just washing and a haircut.

I paid 1650 Malawi Kwacha (approx 10 US$) for a haircut in Blantyre, Malawi.

I paid the equivalent of 4 US$ for a haircut in Shanghai, PRC.

Just saying.


  1. Approx 44.50 CHF on 4th August 2020

  2. approx 50 chf on 2nd Jan 2019 in Basel

  3. 20 Euro last week in Hannover, Germany

  4. 20 euro in hannover on 30 june

  5. 20 Euro in Hannover on 12 May 2018

  6. 20 Euro for hair wash and cut in Hannover on 22nd July 2017

  7. paid 41 CHF in Basel, Switzerland. On 25th March 2017. Nothing extra or special. Hair wash plus hair cut.

  8. 7th Jan 2017
    Basel, Switzerland
    CHF 69.90

  9. 19 Euro in Weil am Rhein, Germany

  10. i paid 8000 Malawi Kwacha (approx 13 US Dollar) for a haircut in Blantyre/Malawi on 8 December 2015

  11. 24 euro for a hair cut in hannover, germany

  12. i paid 26 Euros (=35 USD) for a haircut in Lörrach, South-Germany

  13. i paid 20 chf for a hair cut in germany today

  14. ze global haircut update

    on 13.3.2012 i paid 12 Euro for a haircut in Germany

    = 14.47 CHF

    Services: hair wash + hair cut

  15. I’ve really got to think hard to remember when I last had my hair cut at the hairdresser’s. 🙂 I cut the tips myself. Priceless, heh.

  16. i paid 3000 Malawi Kwacha for a haircut in Blantyre on 29 Dec 2011

    = 13.9560 Euro

    = 17 Swiss Francs

  17. found a place where the haircut costs 12 Euro

  18. I paid 20 Euro for a haircut in Germany on Tuesday 15th March 2011

  19. Hei, you got a cheap hair cut. I used to pay CHF 62 when I still had short hair. Nothing special either… I haven’t been to the hair dresser for some years though 🙂

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