Google on content scraping
Good news for bloggers! That is – for bloggers that write their own posts rather than copying blog posts and entire blogs. Matt Cutts writes about upcoming changes that will benefit original content: Via a retweet by Handmade2.0
How to pronounce “zwäg” in Swiss German?
I found this site on pronounciation. zwäg The Internet is amazing…
Global haircuts
I pay 45 CHF (approx 45 US$) for a haircut in Basel, Switzerland. Nothing special. Just washing and a haircut. I paid 1650 Malawi Kwacha (approx 10 US$) for a haircut in Blantyre, Malawi. I paid the equivalent of 4 US$ for a haircut in Shanghai, PRC. Just saying.
Chip… chip… chiperoni
Another way to read Google Reader Play
Lift 2011 discount
As a Lift 2011 volunteer, I have a promo code for a 25 % discount to give away. Please leave a comment below if you are interested 🙂
Back from Blantyre
I am back from BT. I spent two and a half weeks in Malawi’s biggest city. I started off in snowy Zurich with some delay. There was a long and slow queue of aircrafts waiting for de-icing. The transparent and open explanations by the Lufthansa captain, at the beginning and throughout the delay, were great […]