For me 2010 has been special. While I was a kid, I wondered and dreamed about 2010 and where I would be. My life is very different from what I dreamed it would be. But it is good. I achieved one of my long-standing goals. I am venturing out to embrace new challenges. Hello 2011.
Best photo of 2010?
How do I find my best photo of 2010 on Flickr? Not easy. I need an app for that. I (still) don’t edit my photos according to composition or technical aspects. I have been uploading snapshots at regular intervals. Despite a busy schedule. Still following my motto: Document your life. Some spontaneous selections: Feb 27, […]
Everybody is a foreigner
I don’t know very much about Swiss politics. But I am reacting to the SVP posters. Everybody is a foreigner, almost everywhere. I didn’t select the family, city, country or continent I was born into.