Online dictionary for Chichewa
I am really excited about this online Chichewa/Chinyanja dictionary, which I just heard about on Twitter (hat tip @kristungati). Try entering Mchenga. Select Chichewa/Chinyanja to English Click Translate mchenga 1.sand; maziko ena onse npamchenga = all other foundations are on sand (see: hymn 362, Nyimbo za Mulungu); expression: walemba pamchenga (lit.: you have written in […]
This time in Nairobi, Kenya on August, 6th and 7th, 2010. Follow the tweet stream at @makerfairafrica
More visits, more hits, more SEO tips
Food for thought: (…) we should not be sacrificing our own personal ideals and our own internal moral compasses in a never-ending battle for position, for status, for scoops, or for access. While 2010 is the year where many will find ways to monetize their online blogs, photos and apps (which is ok), don’t forget […]
Engaging customers
I attended a talk – organized by the, venturelab and FHNW – by Karsten Füllhaas on “Social Media: Wenn Kunden mein Marketing übernehmen” (translation: when customers take over my marketing). A well-balanced talk. I like the Brian Solis quotes: Use of tools such as Facebook and Twitter does not guarantee people will listen. Engage […]