The web is evolving
Kevin Marks on Publics, Flow, Phatic, Tummeling and Out-groups – New Words You Need to Know to Understand the Web:
Snapshot from Budapest
A quick snapshot that I took on my daily trek to class:
WordPress Woes
I am having some problems with the .htaccess file on the WordPress level. I tried regenerating the permalinks. Hope that will help for a while. A couple of days ago there was a lonely s at the end of the file. Amakhala scared. And: I am seeing a lot of “MySQL server has gone away” […]
Analog Tweet
I found this text on the back of a signpost in downtown Basel: An example of an analog tweet…
How to Backup your Twitter World
As many of you probably learnt by experience, Twitter Search only shows results for the last couple of days. I guess, one of the preliminary assumptions is that you consider your collection of 140-character-long phrases valuable. And would like to search thru them from time to time. Friendfeed One easy workaround is to add your […]
Chiperoni goes Mobile (kind of)
As part of my ongoing research regarding internet access via low bandwidth connections, I saw App+frica displaying a mobile version at I installed the same MobilePress plugin and activated it a few minutes ago. Based on the plugin description, it should detect if you’re accessing the website with a mobile device and display a […]