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Study weekend + Long walk

I spent most of my weekend working and discussing my MBA homework.

Learning about:

  • the exchange equation
  • money supply
  • the monetarists’ first and second proposition
  • the cause of inflation
  • incremental cash costs
  • motivating employees – “interesting work” seems to be a universal motivator

This afternoon I went for a long walk up to St. Chrischona (522 m. above sea level). Lots of bikers and hikers and joggers and nordic walkers were out there as well. There are some beautiful wheat fields. Need to go back with a camera

Watching youtube videos on Milton Friedman that @lotm sent me.




Blogging is Dead. Long Live Blogging.

This morning I read a phrase which captures why I blog:

“…now my attitude is that if I’m not blogging for myself it’s not worth it” (seen at

Between you and me, I don’t care if blogging is dying. Let the social media experts decide. What I do care about is writing. I like the way I can capture and organize thoughts through writing.

Maybe one day I will become a writer. Maybe not.

In the meantime this is my niche at


Cloud spotting: the pointing finger

the pointing finger

I took snapshots of clouds (and pool water) at the local swimming pool (in Swiss German: that’s a Badi…).

This looks like a hand raised at school to answer a question, or maybe somebody is pointing out something:

“Can you see the silver lining? Every cloud has one”

blogger blogging General Malawi-related tweet

Malawi Twitterers

As Malawi celebrates independence day tomorrow, here is a list of Malawi twitterers you might like to follow:

Vincent Kumwenda – currently at Muloza border, Mulanje; topics include Malawi news, world news, interesting Malawi web pages, and soccer. He also writes a blog.

Fred Bvalani – in Blantyre; tweets about mobile applications and phones, Oracle training in freezing cold Cape Town, Manchester United, movies, church, Escom power cuts, and Malawi news and websites. Check out his blog.

Dannie Grant Phiri – first started twittering during the recent Malawi elections; writes about Malawi and soccer in his blog at

Soyapi Mumba – well-known Malawi blogger and twitterer, software developer, volunteer developer at Ushahidi, lives in Lilongwe. He writes about software development, interesting mobile and web applications, Malawi news. He is the programmer behind Owinna – a web app on Malawi football league fixtures and results, as well as the Premier league and other international championships. You can access this information through the website or SMS by texting FOLLOW owinna to +447624801423 or on Twitter.

Clement Nyirenda – blogs and twitters from Tokyo, where he is doing a PhD in computer science. He covers many IT and development topics related to Malawi. A good resource to learn about projects such as Seacom. He discusses entrepreneurial ventures and their effect on Malawi. Read his blog post on Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter stunt to raise awareness about malaria.

There are many more, which I might mention in a second blog post.



This web project manager had a requirement blackout today. In a meeting at the day job somewhere in Switzerland, I seriously couldn’t remember if the tool that I evaluated six months ago – and which I am now using – runs on a Microsoft server.

(Err… Microsoft server? Was that a requirement? )

Sometimes memory fails. I haz a sad.

And time to start planning the vacation…

Bonus link on an unrelated topic:

The cathedral plus the bazaar