Study weekend + Long walk
I spent most of my weekend working and discussing my MBA homework. Learning about: the exchange equation money supply the monetarists’ first and second proposition the cause of inflation incremental cash costs motivating employees – “interesting work” seems to be a universal motivator This afternoon I went for a long walk up to St. Chrischona […]
Blogging is Dead. Long Live Blogging.
This morning I read a phrase which captures why I blog: “…now my attitude is that if I’m not blogging for myself it’s not worth it” (seen at Between you and me, I don’t care if blogging is dying. Let the social media experts decide. What I do care about is writing. I like […]
Cloud spotting: the pointing finger
I took snapshots of clouds (and pool water) at the local swimming pool (in Swiss German: that’s a Badi…). This looks like a hand raised at school to answer a question, or maybe somebody is pointing out something: “Can you see the silver lining? Every cloud has one”
Malawi Twitterers
As Malawi celebrates independence day tomorrow, here is a list of Malawi twitterers you might like to follow: Vincent Kumwenda – currently at Muloza border, Mulanje; topics include Malawi news, world news, interesting Malawi web pages, and soccer. He also writes a blog. Fred Bvalani – in Blantyre; tweets about mobile applications and phones, Oracle […]
This web project manager had a requirement blackout today. In a meeting at the day job somewhere in Switzerland, I seriously couldn’t remember if the tool that I evaluated six months ago – and which I am now using – runs on a Microsoft server. (Err… Microsoft server? Was that a requirement? ) Sometimes memory […]