Calculating Present Value
Note to myself. Of no public interest whatsoever. An exciting topic that is virtually knocking me off my feet. Present value of a future payment is the amount that one must have today to yield that payment at the future date, given the opportunity rate. One way to calculate this is to use present value […]
OpenStreetMap of Blantyre
Stumbled across this tweet about Malawi on See for example the streets of Blantyre:
Where are the business models for content?
News of dying newspapers and print magazines have been making the rounds. But also some well-established and respected blogs are closing, or struggling. Mlle A. of Handmade2.0 recently commented on a design blog’s call for donations: It’s not just print mags that face hardship. Meaning, blogs that started out with an unpaid version and that […]
Spontaneous photo walk
thru Basel. Photos can be viewed in my Flickr stream…
Pirates and Poverty
Like in a Hollywood movie, a U.S. captain was freed from Somali pirates. I’ve been browsing the web, reading articles. Some observations: For one, I’m wondering how the navy seals managed to target the pirates. I thought the life boat was an enclosed boat, similar to the one shown here. Secondly, it seems that the […]
Malawi Cell Phone Numbers Change on April 1
Malawi cell phone numbers have changed: Zain: Add 099 and the remaining 7 digits. TNM: Add 088 and the remaining 7 digits.
Calling Malawi from Switzerland
Online bookmark: Check for the cheapest telephone rate to Malawi. Yesterday I couldn’t remember the name of the cheapest Swiss “callthrough” provider… and googling for something like “Billiger telefonieren Malawi” just lists tonnes of German “call-by-call” sites. BTW, Swisscom costs CHF 1.40 per minute.
Better Connectivity for Africa
I really wish this would become reality: “For me it is so good,” says Sondoto Kobia of Kenya. “I went to sleep yesterday barely being able to get out my emails, but this morning I uploaded a two-hour video of my sons graduation to You Tube in only 10 minutes! I’ve also heard from a […]