Month: March 2009

In the queue

At the supermarket: A man gets in line behind me at the supermarket check-out, dumps his groceries with a big thud on the conveyor belt, leans over to get the divider (don’t know what to call it in English, but you need them in Switzerland ‘cos without them the cashier will carry on scanning even …

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Mac OS X Reminders

For future reference: To view a folder of jpegs, select a photo within Finder and hit the space bar. Use the arrow keys to navigate up and down thru the folder. Or select the files you would like to view, and right-click Open. Preview displays the photos. Use the arrow keys to navigate from one …

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Bauzaun Art

I stumbled across a temporary art gallery along the board fence of a construction site in downtown Basel. An excellent idea. See also this online gallery of Bauzaun Art in Hamburg.