For future reference: It’s not stupid to have a stated goal of starting several ventures that will fail, or asking three stupid questions a week, or posting a blog post that the world disagrees with. If you don’t have goals like this, how exactly are you going to luck into being remarkable?
Missing Lift 09
The top 3 ways to follow Lift 09, if you’re not in Geneva: Twitter Flickr Video See for example @afromusing’s talk:
Biker’s Rant
An intense heading for a small observation, while cycling home from work: I noticed that many drivers and other cyclists make a lot of assumptions. A sincere road traffic faith that everything will work out in the end. For instance, I signaled that I was planning to turn left, and pulled across the road to […]
About northern France
Finally got round to seeing “Chez les Ch’tis” Funny. I was laughing out loud. Other links of the day: 1 2
Sempé at the Cartoon Museum in Basel
I went to see the Sempé show today. I had seen parts of it during the Museumsnacht, but the small museum was over crowded and I decided at the time that I’d come back another day. My French grammar books at school were illustrated with cartoons from Le Petit Nicolas. It wasn’t really quiet today […]
It’s the Small Gestures
In a world full of advertising and sales pitches, it’s the little things that count. Like a handwritten note on the bottom of the fitness center’s invoice: Bisch fleissig The owner of the fitness center is a tough business woman. No discount. No rebate. No nothing. But she does build relationships. Which is the right […]
Hiding in Full Public View
In January my stats dropped to an all time low. There are a number of reasons, I guess. One reason is that I haven’t been writing much lately. Just an occasional link. Short cross-references to my Flickr stream. That’s it. Another reason is my retro-style homepage, which points to my other life stream options (Twitter, […]
Building a profitable company
I’d like to share this video on building a profitable internet business. The presenter’s voice sounds kind of high strung, but he does address a couple of good points. (via Twitter)
i went photowalking. again.
In my web stats
Found this phrase in web stats: what is the meaning of the african word chiperoni See “What is Chiperoni?”.
Malawi’s Languages
I stumbled across this very interesting post and comment on Chingoni, Chilhomwe, Chisena and many more.