Blue and white
I went photowalking again 😉
Last week’s Museumsnacht was lots of fun
Recommended Podcast
Balanced life is catching things before they fall on the ground I stumbled across a podcast from 2006 with Carole Bartz, who was recently appointed CEO of Yahoo. I quite liked the podcast.
Blaggede… Surprise…
How do you know you’ve arrived at the Basel* Swiss railway station? You can hear at least 2 people calling out at regular intervals: Blaggede Surprise (French pronounication) *Basel has 3 train stations.
How to Resize Photos
My family’s email account in Blantyre was blocked twice in the past week, due to well-meaning but over-sized Christmas and New Year email greetings. Attachments with over 2 MBs. The family is still on a phone line with a very slow connection rate. And downloading emails with a large attachment takes forever and a day. […]
I like red brickwork
New year photo resolution: Take a camera everywhere I go.