Ten Differences between Skype and Twitter
On the train to northern Germany. Three more hours to go. It’s been a long day and my motivation to get some work done is kind of missing. So here’s a text message from the train. Longer than 140 characters. Maybe. Two doctors across the aisle are loudly discussing other doctors, Basel hospitals, the Swiss […]
Late Nite Prototyping
(work in progress, here’s a provisional brain dump) Quick test install to demonstrate how WordPress can be used for a corporate newsroom: (Update – 3rd November 2009 – Note from the Editor: The prototype has been discontinued – but rest assured that the knowledge is still available) The main page shows all news in chronological […]
Metropole Switzerland
Before I moved to Switzerland I read an article discussing the idea or rather the vision of Switzerland being one metropolitan area with ultra-fast trains zipping to and fro between the commercial centres. Recently this topic has filtered through to me again. I’m assuming that in a specialized context it has been discussed all along. […]
some personal stuff about me that you don’t want to know: Two days ago I spilled hot coffee on my laptop keyboard. I feel very stupid. I am mad at myself… my only hope is that the letter m will recover. I am thinking of setting up a Donate button. I didn’t think something so […]
Chiperoni weather in Bern
Just showing WordPress and how fast publishing has become!
Reading List
A regular reader of Chiperoni.ch has suggested that I add a book list. Yesterday I stopped by at the uni library and browsed thru the marketing section. I picked up “How Customers Think” by Gerald Zaltmann. And some pages caught my eye. The 10’000 feet view. Ways to find original ideas and get out of […]
Text Snippets Circling Around
Pêle-mêle off the top of my head: Learnt yesterday: The number of English-speaking Internet users is decreasing, currently at about 35% of total number of Internet users. Shared yesterday: Who writes about African technology developments? From the list, I follow White African, Afrigadget, and sometimes Google Alert points me to IT News Africa. Photo processing […]
The Fabric of the ‘Net
Kevin Marks picks up the recent meme on blogging being dead/old-fashioned/out-dated. He says: Blogging… has become part of the fabric of the net See these blog posts and articles: Nick Carr: Who killed the blogosphere? The Economist: Oh, grow up! Some things don’t change, though. Old and dying media still feel the need to criticize […]
Post-US-election note to myself: Hope is a powerful force. My mind is jumping here, but… I’m reminded of this text snippet in a widespread and recognized book of poetry: Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Getting up at 4 […]