Drip by drip
For future reference: Marketing is never about a hammer hitting plate glass. It is almost always about the accrued power of a thousand drips, drips that accrue, drop by drop until they overwhelm the status quo and break through, starting a flood. The first drip is very exciting, of course. Everyone lines up to cheer. […]
Opening .MHT Files on a Mac
Executive summary: Best tool to open .mht files on a Mac is Opera for Mac. I regret deleting Windows Vista. Last week I was sent a .mht file. And now I’m searching the Internet for a solution how to open this proprietary Microsoft file (my perception, but according to Wikipedia it is actually a proposed […]
On Following Tweet Streams
I recently talked to Persillie on the difficulty of following people’s tweet streams. Esp. if you have a limited time budget and can only tune into Twitter every so often. For example, I follow Kathy Sierra’s stream at Twitter. You can see quite a few of her 140 character statements in my Twitter Favorites. Re: […]
Techniques for Reviewing a User Interface
I like this quote: The GUI is the only contact the user has with the application. that I found in this presentation: which I found while surfing thru my Sitemeter stats. An obvious fact. Yet… When talking to software developers, I often hear complaints about the quality of code (especially if somebody else programmed the […]
Blogging is so 2004
LOL at this Wired article! Thinking about launching your own blog? Here’s some friendly advice: Don’t. And if you’ve already got one, pull the plug. I agree with the author. Blogging is so 2004. For the record: I installed WordPress on this server in September 2004. Time to pull the plug. Follow me on Twitter, […]
BBC on Fish Farming in Zomba
Recommended reading: BBC’s James Morgan on fish farming in rural areas of Zomba district, Malawi. It’s a perfect circle. “Or what we call an integrated agriculture-aquaculture (IAA) system,” says Joseph Nagoli, of WorldFish. “This isn’t high input fish farming. This is simple and sustainable.”
Handmade in Switzerland
Cross-reference: Mlle A. points to online marketplaces for handmade products in Switzerland.
Strategic Technologies for 2009
Stumbled across this 5 seconds ago: 1. Virtualization 2. Business Intelligence 3. Cloud Computing 4. Green IT 5. Unified Communications 6. Social Software and Social Networking 7. Web Oriented Architecture 8. Enterprise Mashups 9. Specialized Systems 10. Servers – Beyond Blades Will be interesting to watch how this evolves.
Portes Ouvertes this weekend
Last minute pointer: Kunstschaffende aus Basel und der Region öffnen alle zwei Jahre an einem Wochenende ihre Ateliertüren, um einem interessierten Publikum Einblick in ihr Schaffen zu gewähren. Portes Ouvertes is happening this weekend. Various Basel artists are taking part. A great way to see how artists work. Hat tip: Martin Gyger, who is also […]
From Riehen to Grenzach Wyhlen
Here are the snapshots of the second architecture tour that I took part in: We cycled from Tinguely Museum in Basel and stopped at various points in Riehen and Grenzach Wyhlen. Heard about Hans Bernoulli and his Garden City idea to provide improved housing for the working class as well as a patch of ground […]
Appfrica Interview on MTN Uganda
Just a quick note to point to an interesting interview with an official of MTN Uganda at: Appfrica: Interview With MTN’s Erik van Veen – Part 1 These points caught my eye: (…) revenues per user, are very low in Africa by international standards, and require a low cost operating model if the Operator is […]
Architecture Tour “Birsstadt”
As seen previously on my Flickr stream, I stumbled across this poster: I took part in two architecture tours this weekend organized by Architektur Dialoge as part of the Les Journées de l’Architectures. Birsstadt I’ve uploaded a couple of snapshots of yesterday’s tour through Basel-Land. It was “off the beaten track” and lots of fun. […]
Tagaroo and other links
Pêle-mêle off the top my head: In my daily reads, I stumbled across a WordPress plugin called Tagaroo. It reminded me of Zemanta. I haven’t tried it out. But I guess the interesting part is that it is being sponsored/developed by media giant Thomson Reuters as part of the Calais project. As usual I’ve been […]