Workspace of an artist…

Just a quick note pointing to some snapshots I took on Saturday in Martin Gyger’s studio.

I visited Martin Gyger's art studio

I visited Martin Gyger's art studio

I like seeing other people’s workplaces…

Martin told me that he will be moving into a new workspace very soon, but before he moves out he’ll organize an exhibition. I forget the exact date but this should be some time in early September. And Martin says he’s planning to take part in this year’s Portes Ouvertes on 18th and 19th October.

Martin displays much of his work on Flickr. His work is for sale. Contact him directly if you’re interested in getting an original or a print.


Cy 21 July, 2008 Reply

Hey Chiperoni,
New vid is up. 2min piece framing the local perspective on tele com in Malawi.

Cy 21 July, 2008 Reply

Hi Chiperoni,
Got a new video up on mobile tech in Malawi. Just a little 2 min thumbnail, framing the local perspective.

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