Hong Kong Restaurant in Blantyre, Malawi
Chinese restaurant in downtown Blantyre in Malawi. (BTW, this is a Chiperoni.ch Internet Marketing experiment…. If you read this blog post and then end up going to eat at this BT restaurant, please tell the owners where you first heard about it…)
Wikipedia in Tumbuka
stumbled across this: Wikipedia in Chitumbuka
Natural Medicine in the Tropics
I just spent over half an hour looking for the Anamed website… can’t believe I haven’t referenced it yet. Here’s the link to the Anamed webpage. They’ve published a couple of books on the medicinal use of common tropical plants such as guava leaves, pawpaw leaves, asthma weed and anti-malaria trees.
Finding good seats
in the sardine class: SeatGuru useful site
Back from Blantyre
I spent a couple of sunny, winter days in Malawi’s biggest city, visiting family and meeting friends. I’ve started uploading some of my snapshots to Flickr. More to come as I sift thru the GBs of data. Travel was uneventful, except for the fact that my luggage took 6 days to arrive in Blantyre. It […]
Develop More and Better Ideas
Interesting read: Develop More and Better Ideas