Month: February 2008

Twitter down, Flickr contacts disabled

(start tweet) Twitter isn’t loading, updates to the latest photo of my Flickr contacts is currently disabled. A work colleague would say “It’s software”. Anyway, WP-powered Chip is up and running. The return of the micro-site. Yay, it’s Friday. (end of tweet) A non-Twitter-based tweet

Meeting Mlle A.

Last Saturday I met the elusive and mysterious Mlle A. at a coffee place* in Hannover. Once or twice during the conversation there was a cross-reference to something I or Mlle. A. had written or linked to. And for me that’s one of the powerful side-effects of blogging: there’s a regular reader’s familiarity built over …

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The easy way

Stumbled across this blog post: It’s really easy to insist that people read the friggin manual. It’s really easy to blame the user/student/prospect/customer for not trying hard, for being too stupid to get it or for not caring enough to pay attention. Sometimes (often) that might even be a valid complaint. But it’s not helpful.


I attended these workshops: Forgetful interfaces Ubiquitous computing I’m uploading a couple of snaps in my Flickr stream. A fave: