Yahoo shut down my alternate ID (the one that comes free with each account). I found out while ordering from three sites. It was an ID reserved for personal orders, occasionally used. To ensure it gets mail once a month, I even subscribed to some newsletters.

So, for some reason that Yahoo refuses to share with me, they disabled this alternate ID. I spent days trying to “communicate” with their helpdesk via email, realizing that no real human ever read my concise notes, but a piece of software that signed off with some first name (the Royal Mail UK website uses a similar software, only that they are so fair to admit to it before they process the email that you want to send them via the webform).

Lesson learned, I am using another service and let Yahoo fade out slowly but surely, besides having run my own client for years and making additional backups (insight: when it’s not Yahoo, it’s your ‘personal admin’ who manages to mess up your HD…).