Weekend ahead

Autumn-like weather and a bad cold, but it’s still a Friday! And just for the record, I don’t mind fast forwarding to spring.

More search phrases – but not really a surprise to me given the quality of content here at Chiperoni.ch 😉 :

  • Dilbert project tracking – points to an old blog post on pre-emptive planning. I guess the Dilbert comes from the blogroll link pointing to the corresponding blog.
  • And a search for something like marketing mix nutella will inevitably lead to this page, cos of my numerous marketing text snippets and my amazing collection of Nutella alternatives.

Thank you, Google for brightening up my day!

Search phrases

Dear regular readers of Chiperoni.ch,

On Sunday I continued reading the “New PR” book and i’ve got 3 pages of wild notes waiting to be blogged… but I’m too tired for PR just now. Oh no, i hope it’s not blogging fatigue 😉

Search phrases that led people to my blog today:

  • i want to listen to capital fm malawi – Well, here’s the link to my blog entry on Capital FM’s daily internet show. I listened to today’s version about the increase in fuel prices. Apparently MW minibus fares are increasing by 20%.
  • 2007 pictures blantyre malawi africa – Best place to view lots of Malawi pics is the Malawi Flickr group.
  • hiking basel mountain – Sorry, no mountains in Basel. Unless you’re from northern Germany, then Chrischona might qualify. But the Jura and the Alps are close enough and extremely beautiful. Here are all of my posts labeled hiking.

Other half-geek news:

I’ve been reading about the new Canon 40D.

And if I ever run out of things to do, there’s a new version of WordPress to install and explore…

Too much

I don’t usually write about politics, but this poster campaign crosses a line. In my humble opinion it’s racist and backward.

I don’t understand why so many Swiss people are ignoring it. Some say it’s just the usual pre-election noise.

As suggested here, I’m going to send back all of the brochures clogging up my mailbox.

See also this BBC article


Scrolling Ad Infinitum:

I discovered a new Flickr tool called Flickriver…
It loads all images into one long html page, i.e. you simply scroll down to view all pictures for a tag or group:

My contacts

My faves

Malawi group

Canon ImageBrowser to FlickrUploadr:

BTW, I’ve found a shortcut how to add photos from Canon ImageBrowser to Flickr Uploadr. In the ImageBrowser, open Preferences and add Flickr Uploadr to the list of external editing applications. Once you’ve added it, you can send images to Flickr Uploadr while in preview mode using Edit > Edit with Registered Application > Flickr Uploadr.

Alternative to Satellite:

I stumbled across lumis Gallery. The concept is similar to Satellite, i.e. you can host photos on Flickr and reload them on your own server within your own layout. It seems to have more features…. It requires PHP 5 and a Flickr account.

Today’s personal faves:

helmet required


bridge detail

schoggi-kuchen mit lychee glace