Month: August 2007

White Space

(half-geek plans) Maybe I’ll try out this WordPress theme over the weekend: Whitespace WordPress Theme And I’ve still got to figure out how to install and configure a Tomcat on a Mac. And I still want to install MacFuse and MacFusion

Not new

At Lift 07 there was a panel on technological overload. The video of the panel is available here. Update: Since Google Video is no more, the video can be viewed on Vimeo Panel Discussion:Dealing with technological overload (Lift07 EN) from Lift Conference on Vimeo. Fellow blogger Mlle. A. pointed out that this kind of discussion …

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Running blues

Running didn’t go well today. I was totally demotivated. Although I’ve been training regularly all summer, I was slow and running behind the group. After about 45 or 50 minutes I slumped in a deep dark “not motivated” hole. And knowing the route didn’t help much either, ‘cos it demotivated me even further.

Mon Mac à  moi

My new MacBook arrived last Monday. And I’ve started installing software and exploring. Slowly. A new laptop is like getting a new exercise book at school. An empty book equals an empty hard disk. And a new operating system is a new learning experience. Software installed so far: Firefox and Thunderbird The latest version of …

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Radio show on the web: Daybreak Malawi

Capital FM is uploading its daily morning show to the web: The only early morning radio show in Malawi with a complete range of the latest news, views and interviews from across the country. You can now listen to daily recordings of Daybreak Malawi Online and keep abreast with what is going on in Malawi.

Twitter Clients

Drinking coffee and listening to Scoble’s video on Twitter. For future reference ( or never 😉 cos I don’t feel like installing any of these now): There’s a desktop client for Twitter called Spaz. Downside: you need to download 9 megs of Adobe AIR beforehand. lists a long list of Twitter apps. Here’s a …

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Ipernity Q and A

Via Flickr mail I asked somebody who seems to be on the Ipernity payroll: Thanks for leaving a comment in my photostream. I was wondering if you could answer my question regarding Ipernity’s funding. Who are the investors? Is it independent? Is it funded by venture capital? Or does it belong to another company? See …

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