The African Cookbook Project

just read about the African Cookbook Project.

You can submit your favourite African recipe at:
questions (at)

Off the top of my head and based on the recipes I’ve published here at, I would say banana bread.

I’m sending an email to Blantyre to ask my mom…


booksprite 26 July, 2007 Reply

Thanks for the tip, Fran – the book is available on Amazon. Now I just have to find some green bananas in Basel…

Fran Osseo-Asare 24 July, 2007 Reply

I’ve yet to make it to Uganda, but I’ve tried my hand at matoke and peanut sauce, thanks to Jolly Gonahasa’s Taste of Uganda: Recipes for traditional dishes. If you know of any African cookbooks you recommend, please let me know at fran (at)

booksprite 21 July, 2007 Reply

I was born and spent my childhood in Uganda and can still remember the delicious smell and taste of matoke and peanut sauce… ( )

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