Month: June 2007

PR and developers

Scoble says: But PR departments keep the developers away from the press because the PR departments know that developers: 1. Are likely to tell the unvarnished truth. 2. Aren’t skilled in explaining/demoing what their product does. 3. Might be boring or unprofessional on camera.

Situation Report

United Nations Regional Inter-Agency Coordination and Support Office (RIACSO) on Malawi: Malawi will produce bumper crops of maize and other food crops this year. Some of this surplus will be exported to neighbouring Zimbabwe and other countries to address expected wide-spread food shortages. via ReliefWeb

nchenga’s Web 2.0 roundup: Links and comments

How many online services did you sign up for, use once or twice, and then never return again? In my case, that would be lots of ’em. Some of them are really popular services like Digg or Mister Wong, where I just haven’t found a personal use case, or I’ve got a substitute or workaround. …

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