Interesting TED video
on investment as the means to help Africa:
Happiness is subversive
Stumbled across this, followed on to this, and I’m now listening to this, which also reminds me of this.
TV documentary
on Plattdeutsch speakers in South Africa: Südafrika op Platt.
WordPress 2.2 tip: Press It bookmarklet
If you’ve upgraded to 2.2, don’t forget to update your Press It bookmarklet as well. I kept getting an undefined function in wordpress/wp-admin/edit-form.php on line 35 error. Until I remembered that this might be related to the new version I installed a couple of days ago. Here’s what you need to do: Delete the old […]
Fiber and solar-powered towers
An American tech entrepreneur, dreams of bringing the Internet to Rwanda. via Lunch over IP.
Maison Tropicale
Prefab house designed by Jean Prouvé in 1951.
Malawi cycle challenge accident
Here’s a blog entry on an accident that occurred in a Malawi biking event for charity. Stories on Malawi: Sarah injured in Malawi cycle challenge Source Get well soon, Sarah.
I wasn’t aware of this definition: A tumblelog is a variation of a blog, that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging. Common post formats found on tumblelogs include links, photos, quotes, dialogues, and video. Unlike blogs, this format is frequently used to share the author’s creations, discoveries, or […]
went on a short hike yesterday, sort of following this route to Meltingerberg and Erschwil. “sort of” cos missing a turn-off somewhere, meant walking back for about 20 mins. Reached the bus stop safely and in time.
went walking up to Chrischona and noticed signposts labelled “Banntag” all along the way. It seems this is a tradition in the Baselbiet region… an old custom associated with blessing of fields and checking of boundary stones. See also: Banntag (in German)
Monosodium glutamate
And the corresponding Wikipedia entry
Rainy day in Basel
went walking in the rain, saw 2 llamas but forgot my cam at home.
Tiziano Ferro reminds me of Lugano times
Worldwide Flickr
Flickr photos on a map background:
Mario Botta Tower
Here’s a description how to get to the Mario Botta Tower on Moron mountain: 769_Zum Botta-Aussichtsturm auf dem Moron
A couple of short SF notes off the top of my head: There’s a new acronym to learn: FOG (Fear of Google). I stumbled across several articles and blog posts discussing Google’s huge market share and its supposed effects. Walking down to the Moscone Center, I met a work-related blogging friend by coincidence. How cool […]
These hills will chew you up
There’s a huge Reebok ad campaign all over SF. The campaign website offers a nice mashup app for runners. I did the hotel loop (Union Square, Embacadero, Fisherman’s Wharf) but returned via Taylor and Nob Hill (very steep) … cos i didn’t see this website before. The other routes look more exciting. A reason to […]
Archidose has selected one of my architecture snapshots (taken with my cameraphone).
Plastic waterbottle on head
Introducing piece 0 plastic’s plastic waterbottle on head Flickr group: will probably be an Olympic sport by 2009…
Bobos and gentrification
I zapped into this Arte TV show on urban development and gentrification. Bo comme bourgeois, bo comme bohà¨me
Fact Sheets on Communications Evaluation
for future reference: Communications Evaluation
From Delhi
Thanks, Sean!