1. We want to wish all Malawian Musicains a Happy New Year and to ask them to continue coming up with more songs. Zikomo a Chiperon for this blog

    with much love from

    http://www.radioyako.com and http://www.malawijamz.com

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have the lyrics and I don’t speak Chichawa (can’t even spell it!). I do know that the songs title is the name of a bird and the general theme of the song is about a bird having its nest destroyed. The opening lines when he sits up in bed go something like, “What kind of life is this”¦” and that’s about all I know in terms of the lyrics. A lot of his music is about poverty and life in Mzuzu. He’s going to work on his 3rd CD now and I know he’s writing more songs in English. Hope you enjoy the video.

  3. maybe Cy has them…

  4. Can you post the lyrics translation, please? Or a summary…whatever is less work. 🙂

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