Benefits of Blogging
I like this summary on the Benefits of Blogging Meet and greet Self documenting Self promoting (if you want to, that is) Mentoring Education Giving back (I would say: sharing) There’s also the side-effect that when I write about a topic it helps me to reflect more on a topic and organize my thoughts.
Feisty Fawn
Seven Nice Things About Linux Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn”
More Nutella Alternatives from Israel
Leah sent me snapshots of Nutella substitutes she saw at a supermarket in Israel. I’ve added them to the Nutella alternatives group at Flickr. I guess that covers Israel. Want to join the fun? Join the Nutella alternatives group. Please note: you don’t need to buy or taste the stuff. A snapshot is enough.
linking back to 2003
I attended a BoF session on marketing for software companies this evening at the conf I’m currently attending. And my head is still whizzing around with ideas and links. I remembered a blog entry on the importance of being a thought leader if you’re small. The link was sent to me by Mlle. A. on […]
Blog resource links
Here are a couple of starting points: Blog hosting Three possibilities: Sign up with a hosted service such as, Typepad or Vox (fastest cos it takes all of 5 mins). Sign up with a webspace provider that already includes blog software in their package. Sign up with a webspace provider that offers PHP 4.x […]
Creativity in the workplace
This link reminds me of the LIFT workshop I attended.
The slides
Here are the slides of my talk that I just held at the STC Transalpine Chapter Conf: They’re very minimal and short… but over time I’ve collected a lot of examples at the back of my head so that I easily managed to fill the 1 hour slot. The online demo worked well with the […]
Catherine Chikwakwa
Wikipedia page on Malawi long distance runner Catherine Chikwakwa.
The conf location is impressive… Sarah O’Keefe is speaking on “Working in a third culture world”. A couple of slides:
A weekend snapshot…
Online bookmark: PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” A couple of articles I liked: Japane Product Poetry Japanese Packaging Design#2: Snack Characters Japanese Packaging Design#1: Strawberry Fair!
Loony Design
for future reference: Loony Design
for future reference (when I get myself an Ubuntu laptop):
Saturday morning
All the windows wide open, listening to some random classical music show on Deutschlandfunk, birds singing… My ordinary kind of life on a Saturday morning. Buon weekend!
More Photos
I’ve added more snapshots from northern Germany:
Blogging for Content Developers
At an undisclosed location in the very near future, the editor of this beautiful blog will be holding a talk on a high-flying topic yet to be prepared. Blogging for Content Developers I’ve decided to give this whole project a jump-start by writing down the outline in my blog… because getting started is always the […]
I went a-photowalking in Hannover and Hamburg. I’ve started uploading a couple of snapshots. Some of my personal favorites include: errr… all of them really!
umpteenth WikiHow
Today’s complimentary link is from my favo(u)rite reference site, WikiHow: How to Write a Press Release 😉
Malawi music
More crosslinking to Cy’s Film. Or have a look at the video: