Tour de Quälix
Summary of this evening’s sporting activities: Bike home cos I forgot my takkies Bike back into town to meet up with jogging friends Run along the River Rhine 2 bridges down and 3 bridges up Add a few a stretching exercises, and then bike back home to document sporting activities meticulously in blog A jogging […]
Museumsnacht 07
Lots of fun. It was incredibly warm for January. Nearly felt like summer. I’ve uploaded some snapshots at:
Fun. Today’s roundup of WikiHow links: How to choose a good office plant How to make a Starship Enterprise out of a floppy disk
Special January Link
What do 200 Calories look like? (BTW, I’d say “do” instead of “does“)
CSS Positioning
Useful reminder when divs start getting more and more confusing: CSS Positioning
The Nihilist Impulse
For future reference: Eurozine article by Geert Lovink on weblogs via Bruno Giussani
Adding a Flickr gallery to my website
Like Stefan, I’m looking for a simple way to display my Flickr photos on my website. A couple of weeks ago I had a short look at the tan tan noodles album. Today I tried out Satellite. It’s a simple php program that connects to your Flickr account. Simple and easy in setup. There are […]