Tour de Quälix

Summary of this evening’s sporting activities:

  1. Bike home cos I forgot my takkies
  2. Bike back into town to meet up with jogging friends
  3. Run along the River Rhine 2 bridges down and 3 bridges up
  4. Add a few a stretching exercises, and then bike back home to document sporting activities meticulously in blog

A jogging friend noted that so far it has never rained during training time since we started last September. Isn’t that incredible?

Adding a Flickr gallery to my website

Like Stefan, I’m looking for a simple way to display my Flickr photos on my website. A couple of weeks ago I had a short look at the tan tan noodles album.


Today I tried out Satellite. It’s a simple php program that connects to your Flickr account. Simple and easy in setup.
There are a couple of little things to improve. For instance, I would prefer if clicking on an image in the photoset sends me to the normal Flickr page instead of the static version.

It’s installed at