morning sky
taken yesterday morning on my way to work.
Weekend break
I’m going to Lisbon for a long weekend. Can anyone recommend a hotel, or bed and breakfast, or “clean and tidy” youth hostel somewhere in the downtown area? Things to do? Wikitravel on Lisbon
How to Make SIM Card Earrings – WikiHow
My personalized Google start page includes random links from wikiHOW. Some are hilarious and make me lol. Today’s suggestion: How to Make SIM Card Earrings
meaningful work
via gapingvoid’s post on meaningful work: How to do what you love
off the beaten track
This guy has got some very nice WordPress themes: wildbits — Kram
Pantone Matching
If you run out of things to do… There’s always pantone matching source: SwissMiss
Customizing Vanilla
for future reference: Customizing Vanilla
youtube videos
A couple of Youtube videos I’d like to share: Real estate agent, Three non blondes – I’ve been laughing at this video all week. I love the accent. My animated world – a bit long but funny buon weekend, nchenga
my very first camera phone snapshot… Reminded me of a post by Christian that camera phones are rapidly replacing small snapshot cameras in Asia.
glass pane, shattered
Today’s snapshot.
Here’s a snapshot I took last Sunday on Lake Brienz.