Month: June 2006

trying out Google Desktop

I’m currently evaluating Google Desktop. And I must say so far I’m fairly impressed… There’s little things like opening up the corresponding email in Outlook 2000 which blow me over. The install hasn’t affected performance. But this is only day 2… I’m going see how it goes for the next couple of weeks.

Great Mistakes in Technical Leadership

some good points in this list of typical mistakes: The Technical Lead has overall responsibility for all technical aspects of the project – design, code, technology selection, work assignment, scheduling and architecture are all within his purview. Positioned right at the border of the technical and managerial, they are the proverbial “meat in the sandwich.” …

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Don’t Blame the Web When Newspapers Die

John Dvorak: Local papers have become cookie-cutter products loaded with syndicated material, mostly from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. Filling space in the San Francisco Chronicle with New York Times articles saves money, but many people now just get the Times instead.

Famous Blog Dogs

If you’re a bit like me, you’ve also contributed your part to the Internet’s dog and/or cat content. But there are some dogs out there with a really large fan base. Right at the top of the list are: Chuck of Oliver and Hugo of

chip update

It’s drizzling a little bit in Basel but still beautifully warm… time to catch up with the blogging world. 2 weekends ago I took the Postauto to the Passwang tunnel and walked up to the Passwang (about 1200m). On a clear day you can see the Alps from here. I walked to Reigoldswil and then …

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blonk… blonk…

Blonking along? Apparently this is what it means… To blog without notable creativity, inspiration or merit; covering the same ground trod by countless others in the echo chamber; blogging as an alternative to thinking. “I was going to write a considered piece about climate change in sub-Saharan Africa, but I’ve just been blonking pictures of …

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