I read “Tristram Shandy” thrice, and I realized: man, that dude was right! πŸ™‚

Kathy advocates summaries – my teachers taught me that summaries, at the highest, would help deteriorate my knowledge. Interesting development!

The “be realistic” point is most important to me. When you don’t know your limits as well as your abilities, you’re likely to get lost. And, talking of experience, if you refuse to acknoledge this, it only worsens over time.

I don’t favour the idea to split info mining among colleagues, mainly for the reason that I’ve never worked in teams where not at least one would refuse to comply and deliver their share of the whole on time and reasonably done. It’s a matter of trust, but I prefer to do things myself instead of realizing time and again that my trust has been in vain.

I am like you – interested in a lot of different areas, wanting to know how things work in detail. There was the Uomo Universale, and so I am confident that nothing is impossible. πŸ˜‰