The view from Monte San Giorgio
The weather was perfect in Ticino. Went swimming and hiking and visiting friends.
The Sheep Market
10 000 online sheep for sale via
Make your own Camera
Download the following pdf and make your own pinhole camera: Lighthouse in a Tree Nice marketing idea!
Weekend posting…
I’ve been lazing around watching sports on TV… instead of going jogging myself. It’s raining, but that’s no excuse for a northener, is it? Here are a couple of links that crossed my paths this week: Strategic commenting provides a good write-up how you can build a community around your blog thru thoughtful and interesting […]
Another Malawi blog
newly started: Malawi Wildlife
You can’t keep up!
Kathy provides tips how to reduce the info overload/pressure-to-keep-up stress: Find the best aggregators. Get summaries. Cut the redundancy! Unsubscribe to as many things as possible. Recognize that gossip and celebrity entertainment are black holes. Pick the categories you want for a balanced perspective, and include some from OUTSIDE your main field of interest. Be […]
A nurse midwife writes about her work experience in Lilongwe – sad and heart-wrenching with glimpses of hope. I found a Quicktime movie about her work, but I can’t view it on my Windoze machine, even though I have the required Quicktime player. [update] The video now works but it’s on a slowish server.
Handmade iPod Sock
The Management and Staff of today sighted a handmade iPod sock in an office somewhere in Basel. update: i love tags that are not yet being used by others.
Network Africa on Blogging
Network Africa interviewed Malawi blogger Mwai Kasamale. Found out about this via