Metal on the outside, wood on the inside
BBC on Sonke’s football-shaped house in Blantyre.
Hiking Ideas
A couple of weeks ago I stopped by at the tourist information office to collect a couple of brochures on Basel for a visitor. Here are some hiking links I found in one of them (for future reference): P.S. I love the mugshots on this page.
Posting WP Entries by Email
I’m still having trouble posting entries via email to my WordPress blog: – How do I get rid of line breaks? – How do I get the link across without a line break? I guess the email clients are introducing the line break somewhere along the line.
Every day in Malawi, over 110 people die of malaria — nearly half of them under the age of 18. Throughout Africa, 3,000 children die each day from this preventable disease.
On Marketing your Blog…
think “book” not “diary”
Using WordPress as a CMS
Something to try out: From Weblog to CMS with WordPress
Traditional Weekend Post
Today was beautifully warm and sunny. A gorgeous day. Although I spent most of it in the office… The sunset was great… And my cam was at home. Mlle A. (at the foot of hills smothered in clouds of mist, next to a romantic river, in a meander of winding alleys, in the attic of […]
partly sunny
The sun has been showing in between rain showers.
Finding Happiness
Keep in mind that happiness is mostly dependent on our state of mind, not on our status or the state of our bank account.
Web 2.0 Fonts
Soft, futuristic, or classic? Here’s a list of the fonts being used for Web 2.0 logos. see also: the Flickr collection. via
Buon Weekend
It’s Saturday morning. Time for the traditional weekend post, but don’t expect any recipes today. (I did bookmark a great recipe blog though. Somewhere.) For some reason I set the alarm yesterday evening…. so here I am on my second cup of Mzuzu coffee and my second cup of Rooibos. Still half asleep. Pages that […]