Month: March 2006

Fairtrade markup

Guardian report on Fairtrade: Oppenheim points out that of the £1 extra paid for a bag of Fairtrade bananas, the proportion going back to the farmer is 4p, while of the 99p paid for a Fairtrade chocolate bar, the return for the cocoa grower is ‘less than 2p’. If a supermarket charges £2.49 for a …

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Don’t make me think

on my reading list: Steve Krug’s “Don’t make me think” started skimming thru and it looks good. Lots of imgs and examples and cartoons to illustrate usability issues.

The Eventual Death of Software Developer Magazines

Software development magazines are losing ground compared to blogs, wikis… See Eric Sink’s post: For a while it was fashionable to predict that the Web would eliminate publishing, or at least that it would eliminate magazine publishing. Ten years later, most of these pubs are still around. But there is obviously some truth here. Today’s …

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deja vue

reading TechCrunch feels very much like the dot com boom, non? The typical Web 2.0 story: somebody builds a web app. suddenly it pops up on or digg or both. The web app gets swamped with hits. Next, registration is closed or the web app is down, while the app is moved to …

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Today is Pi Day

I heard about this yesterday evening on BBC radio: March 14, written as 3-14 in the United States date format, represents the common three-digit approximation for the number Ï€: 3.14. It is often celebrated at 1:59 p.m. in recognition of the six-digit approximation: 3.14159. Some, using a 24-hour clock, celebrate it at 1:59 a.m. or …

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