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come fare il sugo

stamattina ho provato fare un sugo con tutti i pomodori che non ho mangiato.

Ho trovato questa pagina:

Sugo di pomodoro semplice *

(importante per me: deve stare semplice)

e tutto nella pentola. vediamo come ha funzionato…dopo


Fairtrade markup

Guardian report on Fairtrade:

Oppenheim points out that of the £1 extra paid for a bag of Fairtrade bananas, the proportion going back to the farmer is 4p, while of the 99p paid for a Fairtrade chocolate bar, the return for the cocoa grower is ‘less than 2p’. If a supermarket charges £2.49 for a packet of own-brand Fairtrade coffee, when the combined cost of buying, shipping, roasting and packaging it ‘cannot be much more than £1’, it results in a gross profit margin of 160 per cent.

It’s not exactly ethical, but it’s not exactly news. Retailers stay in business by driving down the prices paid to farmers and preserving their own profit margins – making Oppenheim’s article an indictment of capitalism rather than Fairtrade. As Harriet Lamb points out, ‘We set the price for the farmers, which is the only bit we could ever begin to control. If we tried in any way to set the price for the consumer, we would be taken to the Competition Commission.’ In other words, it is the retailers and middlemen who determine the mark-ups – based on the amount we are stupid enough to pay. At least under the Fairtrade system, it is consumers in the north who are being exploited, not impoverished farmers.

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Hype antibodies

agree with this even though we’re still far from this kind of hype here in Europe:
It’s a bad time to start a company


Don’t make me think

on my reading list:

Steve Krug’s “Don’t make me think”

started skimming thru and it looks good. Lots of imgs and examples and
cartoons to illustrate usability issues.

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hazy sunset

ending a beautiful & sunny day

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The Eventual Death of Software Developer Magazines

Software development magazines are losing ground compared to blogs, wikis… See Eric Sink’s post:

For a while it was fashionable to predict that the Web would eliminate publishing, or at least that it would eliminate magazine publishing. Ten years later, most of these pubs are still around. But there is obviously some truth here. Today’s developer-focused magazines are looking very sickly indeed. The health of a magazine is very closely correlated with its page count.

I also like the straightforward articles on marketing: Marketing for Geeks


How to Write About Africa

Writing a book about Africa? Consider these tips.

(and the same applies to films, TV reports, music videos, TV series and other media that help to foster wrong or one-sided cliches)

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deja vue

reading TechCrunch feels very much like the dot com boom, non?

The typical Web 2.0 story: somebody builds a web app. suddenly it pops up on or digg or both.
The web app gets swamped with hits. Next, registration is closed or the web app is down, while the app is moved to a new data center. For example see the following entry on Zooomr:

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Today is Pi Day

I heard about this yesterday evening on BBC radio:

March 14, written as 3-14 in the United States date format, represents the common three-digit approximation for the number π: 3.14. It is often celebrated at 1:59 p.m. in recognition of the six-digit approximation: 3.14159. Some, using a 24-hour clock, celebrate it at 1:59 a.m. or 3:09 p.m. (15:09) instead.

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For Alexa Traffic Graph Junkies

better interface:
Alexaholic – Get Your Alexa Traffic Graph Fix Here

See for example the traffic stats for some CH blog aggregators.

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Linux Intro Lessons in Blantyre

Bennett Kankuzi is offering free Linux lessons at the Poly in Blantyre.

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the downside of communities…

Jeremy Keith writes:

Comments should be disabled 90% of the time.


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Basel Blogger Meeting

A couple of Basel bloggers are meeting tomorrow evening at Restaurant Auf der Lyss.

See Cybi’s post for details:

Basler Blogger-Treff am Freitag 10. März

General swiss tech

coComment is Swiss

completely missed this:

coComment is a Swisscom spin-off… based in Bern.


The Obliteration Phenomenon

Alex Wright writes:

[…] a great deal of important work gets “obliterated” if you measure influence purely in terms of citations (or, I would argue, hyperlinks). Whiles citation analysis gives an excellent picture of how influence works in the great middle tier of scholarship, the technique falls on its face when it comes to truly groundbreaking work, which often tends to get buried in an avalanche of footnotes for follow-on, derivative works.

Which leaves me wondering, is there a corollary effect on the Web? The sheer explicitness of Web linking seems to privilege measurable manifestations of influence: Google pagerank, Technorati rankings, traffic stats, and so forth. Does such a myopic focus on metrics mask the subtler dimensions of influence? Are there hidden works out there exerting a deeper, implicit influence that doesn’t show up in terms of pagerank? This is a tough hypothesis to prove, but I suspect that pagerank and other supposedly meritocratic weighting algorithms give us an overly simplistic and potentially misleading notion of how influence really works.

General Malawi-related

Malawi Tea Prices Up

Malawi tea growers profited from drought in Kenya:

“Tea prices have almost doubled in Malawi since December last year, according to local tea market analysts.”

Source: KBC