Blogger Meetup in Basel
If you’re a Basel blogger (or just travelling thru), there’s a meetup on December 15th at 18:30. For more details, see CyberWriter’s invitation Feel free to come along.
Christmas Concert
Just got back from an excellent gospel concert held by the Basileia church choir in the Theodorkirche. A great way to start the Christmas season on an icy cold and grey November day. [Note to my readers: This restless nomad is developing traditions. See last year’s entry]
If You Think Africa is Suffering From a Brain Drain, Your Brain is Drained
found this excellent posting on the African brain drain dilemma: I am weary of the brain drain argument. It belongs to donor and NGO conferences, not to the real lives of those who must live by their wits and effort as opposed to a cheque from Western taxpayers. Those who bandy the argument are relentlessly […]
Watch dogs in Lilongwe
I like this photo from Lilongwe. The gate, Securicor sign and watch dogs are so typical of many residential areas in Malawi. It reminds me of my regular walks in Nyambadwe with my small dog. A very clever mongrel: If the gate was closed, she’d run up to the gate and bark and provoke the […]
Darwins Nightmare
Saw this documentary about the Lake Victoria fishing industry in Mwanza, Tanzania: Darwins Nightmare The only group that Hubert Sauper didn’t interview were the employees in the fish factories… But otherwise a fairly realistic and saddening description of life along the shores of Lake Victoria, showing how Tanzania exports hundreds of tonnes of fish to […]
Work, interrupted
[…] average cubicle dwellers work at one thing for just 11 minutes at a stretch and this is divided into three-minute chunks. Once they are interrupted from the task in hand it takes them 25 minutes to get back to it. source: print version of yesterday’s FTD and here’s the original article, which was published […]
How big is Malawi’s Blogosphere?
Soyapi Mumba asks: How big is Malawi’s Blogosphere?
Linux-Magazin on Open Source in Malawi
Brave Gnu World on Microsoft and open source in Malawi (in German) Couple of links mentioned in the article: Malico Project: Malawi Polytechnic: School Net Malawi:
Mobile Social Software
Stumbled across this: :: mobile social software Sounds like fun. And more stress. Don’t know about you, but I’m getting kind of tired of all the different networking platforms like Open BC and Linked In.
How to spend your marketing and ad budget
Creating Passionate Users: How to spend your marketing and ad budget