Downloading images from Flickr
Flickr Backup is a utility that allows you to download the pictures you have uploaded to Flickr back down to your computer for personal backup or restore. See: See also the Flickr tools discussion
Italian bookshop in Basel
Opening hours: closed on Mondays Tuesday thru Friday: 10-13 / 14.30-18.30 Saturday: 10-16.30 Address: St. Johanns-Vorstadt 62 4056 Basel Tel / Fax 061 381 80 40 Update on 22 March 2010: La libreria italiana ha un nuovo sito internet e un nuovo indirizzo e-mail. Website: La Libreria Italiana Di Basilea Email: libreriait at Update […]
new at learning italian
3 years after my last italian classes in Lugano, i’ve enrolled for yet another italian language course for advanced learners. Today was the first lesson. And it looks like it’s going to be fast-moving and challenging. I’m introducing a new category at, learning Italian, in which I’ll post notes and useful links from time […]
for future reference: Lussumo Vanilla – forum software using PHP and MySQL
evaluating eZ publish
I tried out eZ publish yesterday… i’m still looking for a CMS for end-users that don’t know any html. It’s pretty impressive! Offers a lot of stuff out-of-the-box. Easy step-by-step install. Next step is to try and find out how to customize and adapt the included templates. I also tried out phpwcms as somebody recommended […]
Malawi blogger interviewed by the BBC
Mike McKay has been interviewed by BBC World Service reporter Kevin Anderson-Washington on the current food crisis.
What kind of Webdesigner are you? on Web Design and Development Personality Indicators
Basler Zeitung on Malawi Hunger Crisis
Due to poor rains Malawi is experiencing food shortages: Hungerregion in Malawi zum Katastrophengebiet erklärt Blantyre. AP/baz. Angesichts der bedrohlichen Hungersnot in Malawi hat die Regierung alle 28 Provinzen des ostafrikanischen Landes zum Katastrophengebiet erklärt und die internationale Gemeinschaft um Hilfe gebeten. Die Krise bedrohe fünf der elf Millionen Einwohner, sagte Präsident Bingu wa Mutharika […] article on Hernando de Soto
Absurd bureaucracy in many poor countries leads to the fact that only the rich and well-connected elite can get around the laws and regulations. Better than doubling development aid and cancelling debts would be to promote private property, set up a fair legal system and a free economy. Die Entwicklungsländer, sagt er, könnten die Armut […]
We would like to invite you for a pitch …
Entry in an advertising agency’s blog: Können Sie auch altweiàŸ? (in German)
How to Speak at a Tech Conference
found this very useful link on speaking at technical conferences.
Personal Outsourcing
I enjoyed reading A.J. Jacobs’ article on outsourcing his life to India. I particularly liked the emails his personal assistant wrote on his behalf to stop receiving press releases: Dear All, Jacobs often receives mails from Colorado news, too often. They are definitely interesting topics. However, these topics are not suitable for “Esquire.” Further, we […]
cycle tour along the shores of Lake Malawi…
There’s a Malawi cycle tour being organized by a British charity organization next Sept 2006: Cycle Malawi for Transaid Registration costs £299 and you need to raise a minimum of £2,750 in sponsorship. The itinerary is very scenic along the shores of Lake Malawi. Sounds like a lot of fun and something I would love […]
Fire at Ciba in Grenzach near Basel
Bei der Ciba Spezialitätenchemie im deutschen Grenzach ist am Dienstagmittag ein Grossbrand ausgebrochen. Die Bevölkerung in der umliegenden Region und auch in der Stadt Basel wurde aufgefordert, Türen und Fenster zu schliessen, da zunächst nicht feststand, ob giftiger Rauch entwich. source: Basler Zeitung Online
interview with Clotaire Rapaille
It’s absolutely crucial for anybody in communication — and that could be journalists, TV, media, all of it, or marketing people — if you want to appeal to people, it’s absolutely crucial to understand what I call the reptilian hot button. If you don’t have a reptilian hot button, then you have to deal with […]
banana bread experiment
To get rid of some ripe and mushy bananas*, I decided to bake some banana bread today. What I usually do is mix up a basic cake butter and then add 2-3 bananas to the batter. Today has been one big experiment ‘cos I didn’t have some of the ingredients. And I still don’t have […]
WordPress Design Sandbox
useful: Test bed for WordPress
Managing Google’s Idea Factory
for future reference: One of the key reasons for Google’s success is a belief that good ideas can, and should, come from anywhere. Page and Brin insist that all engineers in the company have one day a week to work on their own pet projects. An ideas mailing list is open to anyone at Google […]
Web 2.0 again
Rick Segal’s advice: Avoid Web 2.0 categorization. And it’s not just an easy way to find funding. You still need the business to go with it. if you are working on solving a problem and looking to make money from the solution, focus on the customer and take advantage of what your ancestors, those Web […]
the original logo that isn’t
Quark’s “New” Look