Idi Amin film in production in Kampala

Saw this at BBC Africa:

The Ugandan film industry has been given a great boost by the decision to make the film of Giles Foden’s book The Last King of Scotland in the country, its actors have said.

The film, which centres on the life of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, is currently in production in Kampala.

Uganda boosted by Amin film

Quite ironic that Uganda’s film industry is now benefiting from such a brutal dictator.

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On Microfinancing

zapped into this TV report on microfinancing:


Basically, microfinance provides loans and insurance to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans.

An alternative and maybe more effective way to fight poverty…

These two institutions were mentioned in the report:


Procredit Holding

[update] Another similar institution is:

Opportunity International Bank of Malawi
see also Mike’s blog entry


Blogger BBQ

Mark your calendars. There’s a blogger BBQ planned for July 24 in Konolfingen near Bern.

See Blogger-Bräteln 2005 for all relevant details.

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“What if someone offered you double your salary?”

CNET on the Indian IT Job Market:

Turnover in the software services industry runs at about 15 percent a year on average, and can exceed 30 percent at some companies, according to various sources.

Relative to their counterparts in the United States and other developed nations, workers at Indian companies are both plentiful and inexpensive to employ. This cheap labor, however, has led to explosive growth and, in turn, to unprecedented competition for qualified employees. Double-digit raises are the norm.


“The total number of engineering students in all four years of college is over a million at any time,” […] “So you see, this is our problem, and this is our opportunity.”

“The real issue here is the growth in the salary levels. The salaries in India are still growing at 18 to 20 percent annum,” […] “The stickiness of people to companies is very low. A little bit more stabilization is needed.”

The above article reminded me of this entry.


Kenyan Bloggers

On Kenya Unlimited:

In response to the continued growth of the Kenyan Blog Webring (KBW) kenyaUnlimited set out to create an online meeting place for the diverse Kenyan visions, minds and voices that inhabit cyberspace.

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