How Java saved Africa
stumbled across this report from the JavaOne conf a couple of seconds ago: But did Nokia’s decision a decade ago to adopt Java technology just force Pres. Bush change his mind about the amount of U.S. aid to Africa? Here’s Gage’s tale, presented at Sun’s JavaOne developer conference Wednesday: Social cause fighter and rocker Bono, […]
The Terminal – Kenya Edition
Remember the movie “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks… BBC Africa has this report on a man that lived for 13 months in the duty free area of Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi: UK waves in Kenya airport dweller
Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
found this tool to be helpful: Visual Thesaurus only drawback: it’s not free
On Corporate Blogging
Tipps für Corporate Blogging [in German]
BILDblog > Postkarten > ernsthafte
In celebration of its first anniversary, asked its readers to design an advertisement in postcard size: Macht Reklame für BILDblog [in German] Mlle. A. received a special mention for her entry. Auguri from Basel!
via the Flickr Color Picker
FAZ article on Howard Rheingold
The FAZ* recently published a page-long article on Howard Rheingold and his predictions. Es sei eine ganz andere Welt, in der jeder die Möglichkeit habe, auf seiner Website seine Meinung zu verbreiten: “Und es wird immer schwieriger diese Welt von einer zentralen Stellen zu kontrollieren.” In a nutshell: It’s not so much about what new […]
A Half-Geek’s Life…
Just wanted to check my email… and ended up upgrading Opera to 8.0, WordPress to, and trying out another new theme.
Links on Corporate Blogging
I’m kind of collecting advice on corporate blogging (with no particular goal in mind). A couple of background links I’ve found useful: The Corporate Weblog Manifesto by Scobleizer (update March 2018: removed link due to malware warning) Ten Tips For A Better Weblog Ãœber-blogger Scoble also provides advice how to react to negative comments. […]
The Writing Process
Found this article on writing at Poynter Online – Writing Tool #50: The Writing Process The article describes the steps required to produce great writing: Sniff around Explore ideas Collect evidence Find a focus Select the best stuff Recognize an order Write a draft Revise and clarify
Podcast with Meg Hourihan, Blogger Co-Founder
currently listening to Halley’s interview with Meg Hourihan: download the podcast here I’d forgotten about the Segway parody at [update June 9] quote from her Tuft profile: Companies like Google advertise for employees with computer science degree, but as Hourihan herself points out, “On paper I don’t qualify for what their requirements are, and […]
Random Typography Blog
here’s a blog documenting the different fonts being used on signs and ads in the Zurich area: TYPE AND THE CITY
The BBC Asks…
What’s it like to live in Africa? here’s an interesting view from a Ghanaian living in the Netherlands: My view is that political independence is meaningless until it is linked with economic independence. I think the best place to grow up in this world is in Africa and the worse place too because of the […]
Learn Shona via the Shona Podcast source: BBC