Secret Code
People pay more attention to you when they think you’re up to something.
Beta Deserves Better
I was browsing thru the list of bloggers that attended yesterday’s meetup (me included). This entry at had me laughing out loud: Beta forever (in German) Heh, I agree beta deserves better. And here’s my link to Nirgendwo.
Zeldman on Tag Clouds
Remove Forebrain and Serve: Tag Clouds II
Collaborative Citizen Journalism (Version Suisse)
There’s a discussion going on at CyberWriter about this Technology Review article … [mostly in German]
Tags & Folksonomies
Tags & Folksonomies – What are they, and why should you care? Source: via Swamp Cottage
Fish Eagle, Lake Malawi
found this photo of a fish eagle at Flickr:
Flickr: The Malawi Pool
Malawi Pool at Flickr
Blogger’s Block
some disorganized thoughts of the top of my head: How personal should a blog be? What is the use of keeping a blog? It’s exciting to be part of something new. Where will it all end? One thing is sure: the blog backlash is coming. Simply cos the current hype is building up. With advertising […]
Saturday Blog Entry
Drinking coffee, reading blogs, and browsing thru my flickr contacts on a Saturday morning. A couple of links that caught my eye: BBC Backstage – Build what you want with BBC content – via Cyberwriter ISO 800, a blog about photography – seen at Stephan Bucher’s blog
On Being A Thought Leader
Small companies have to work hard to get visibility, especially when the market is crowded with competitors all vying for the same business. In high tech they face the added dilemma that IT departments don’t want to buy from a small unknown vendor, and the vendor can’t become large and reputable unless it has major […]
Reflective Moment
Where do I come from? Where am I going to? Who am I? Three central questions which surface every so often in literature, philosophy and personal lifestyles. worth a reflective moment… [update May 25] found this very interesting read via Innovation Wings on product development: Having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning […]
Jax Session on Blogging
I attended the JAX session on using social software in companies. It was refreshing to hear a good description of what blogging is all about, other than the usual negative “Tageb├╝cher” reports. Matthew provided a very balanced and informed presentation on weblogs and wikis and their use in a corporate context (I hope the JAX […]
Ovo Crunchy Cream
due fette biscottate con Ovo… comprato ieri al Coop
Resetting Cayman Netopia 3341
i’ve changed ADSL providers and had to reset my old ADSL router, Cayman Netopia 3341, to the new ISP. Here’s a short description of the steps involved (for my own future reference). To reset the router: Reset the router to the default factory settings. There’s a small round opening next to the power plug. This […]