Month: May 2005

Beta Deserves Better

I was browsing thru the list of bloggers that attended yesterday’s meetup (me included). This entry at had me laughing out loud: Beta forever (in German) Heh, I agree beta deserves better. And here’s my link to Nirgendwo.

Saturday Blog Entry

Drinking coffee, reading blogs, and browsing thru my flickr contacts on a Saturday morning. A couple of links that caught my eye: BBC Backstage – Build what you want with BBC content – via Cyberwriter ISO 800, a blog about photography – seen at Stephan Bucher’s blog

Reflective Moment

Where do I come from? Where am I going to? Who am I? Three central questions which surface every so often in literature, philosophy and personal lifestyles. worth a reflective moment… [update May 25] found this very interesting read via Innovation Wings on product development: Having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning …

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Jax Session on Blogging

I attended the JAX session on using social software in companies. It was refreshing to hear a good description of what blogging is all about, other than the usual negative “Tageb├╝cher” reports. Matthew provided a very balanced and informed presentation on weblogs and wikis and their use in a corporate context (I hope the JAX …

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