Give Me Something For The Pain
i’m currently editing several Word 2000 docs, length varying between 20 to 200 pages. A couple of things are driving me crazy/mad/nuts/insane: adding 3 different types of headers and footers (title page, preface, and main) empty pages which don’t show online in the Print View, but which suddenly appear in the PDF automatic / manual […]
Ten Laws of the Modern World
Forbes on: Ten Laws of the Modern World Gilder’s Law: Winner’s Waste. The futurist George Gilder wrote about this a few years ago in a Forbes publication. The best business models, he said, waste the era’s cheapest resources in order to conserve the era’s most expensive resources. When steam became cheaper than horses, the smartest […]
Experimenting with WP Themes
Over 6 months after my first feeble design attempts with WordPress 1.2, I’m having a closer look at the theme functionality WordPress 1.5 offers. If you have any issues regarding usability, fonts, colors, etc – please feel free to leave a comment. [update April 25] checked the new design on sm windows and it looks… […]
Blogs Will Change Your Business
Business Week has launched a blog at and explains why business cannot afford to ignore the blogosphere: Blogs Will Change Your Business [update April 26] excerpts from Om Malik’s comments on Business Week cover: sell when Business Week’s cover says buy Now that blogs are in the cover of Business Week, you can safely […]
Malawi Madness: Everything has its own time
while browsing through Bloglines, i stumbled across this new blog from Nkhata Bay in northern Malawi: A story of the most unlikely couple you could imagine, from Clapham London who packed it all in to discover a new reality. In 1993 on the shores of Lake Malawi two naà¯ve 26 year olds, Paul and […]
Goodbye Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Freehand?
Today’s top news should prove interesting to follow: Adobe said the Macromedia purchase, Adobe’s biggest-ever takeover, brings together two “complementary” products. Adobe is paying 43.8 times operating profit and 7.5 times sales for Macromedia, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Source: Bloomberg What will happen to the Macromedia products where Adobe offers a similar product? […]
RSS Calendar
Create events your subscribers can import into MS Outlook (VCal) or Mac (ICal) If this tool also offered some kind of an export/upload for outlook / mac / palm calendars… i could think of a number of useful ways to use it!
Working on the Nyika
Read Jeff’s and Leslie’s blog from Nyika Plateau in northern Malawi: Working on the Nyika The Nyika – Vwaza Trust (referred to as the Trust) was established in 2004 to promote for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of primarily the Nyika National Park and […]
Java vs. PHP CMS/Portals
there’s a long but interesting discussion going on about content management systems at The Server Side. See: Ask TSS: Do any Java CMS/Portals match the PHP ones? There’s a lot of references to useful tools (both PHP and Java). Cos of the sheer number of different tools it’s all the more important to have a […]
Internet Resources on Malawi
Comprehensive list of Malawi links at Columbia University: African Studies: Malawi
copy writing tips
Five B2B Copy Myths by Jonathan Kranz, March 29, 2005 The next time you write, forget about trying to appear “businesslike” and really get down to business. Be direct, forceful and concrete. Write as if you were talking one-to-one with a good friend you respect. When you blow the dust off your prose, you’ll find […]
white Landcruiser phenomenon
No where is the white Landcruiser phenomenon more prevalent than in Zambia or Malawi. In the city of Lilongwe, Malawi, you can find a typical African town with dodgy mini-taxis held together by pieces of tape, bustling markets and poor people. However you can also drive three minutes into the new city centre and find […]
Otitis Blues
I was grounded this week. No day job. No blogging. What felt like a bad cold was diagnosed as otitis media, a severe infection in the middle ear, which can lead to meningitis or can rapture the eardrum or cause hearing loss. It is – may I add – somewhat painful. But I’m back online. […]