Month: February 2005

sunday morning snow

grey, cold, and snowing… i started out on my bike but decided to change to Bus und Tram cos I couldn’t see much with the fine snow blowing into my face. Here are some snapshots of the Basel ferry:

spelling variants

easyJet has plastered the following ad all across Basel: my alternative spelling suggestions: fussball Team or even better: fussballTeam, in line with their company logo

some thoughts

Some of my regular readers may remember that a while back I used to regularly post links to news about Malawi. One of my initial blogging ideas was to be a news aggregator for interesting internet articles on Malawi. Nchenga’s low-budget approach to crossing the digital divide. In the past months – actually since I …

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email habits

via 43folders: Shut off auto-check – Either turn off automatic checking completely, or set it to something reasonable, like every 20 minutes or so. If you’re doing anything with new email more than every few minutes, you might want to rethink your approach. I’m sure that some of you working in North Korean missile silos …

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I installed Picasa2 this week. Cos I am curious. Curious what Google is up to. So far I like it… It visualizes those long forgotten .jpgs deep down in the backwater of my hard disk across all directories. It’s like IrfanView but with a better user interface. I haven’t tried the basic fixes or tuning …

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