beautiful day

it’s sunny and cold. just right for jogging in the woods. did about 3km. it feels good to have the cold fresh air rushing in. Maxwell is right: Motivation comes when you get started.

i’ve started cleaning up my olde laptop (4+ years old). there’s no space left on the hard disk. it doesn’t shut down on its own. and crashes every so often. i’ve made a backup of all my files and emails. next step: re-install the os. or linux. i’m thinking of trying to install linux instead of sm windows. but i don’t know if it’ll recognize the olde hardware components.


nchenga 16 January, 2005 Reply

thanks for the tip. tried Knoppix today. looks good. everything’s responding except the sound card

phono 15 January, 2005 Reply

try to boot a linux-liveCD like knoppix. the hardware autodetection has never failed at my place yet.

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