Month: December 2004

British journalist in Malawi

Read Gwyneth Rees’ report on working for The Chronicle in Lilongwe. […] when freedom of the press is supposedly guaranteed under the constitution, journalists should not have to rely on the say-so of one man to go about their business. [update Jan 11, 2005] Here’s another article: Demoted from editor to delivery girl, overnight

text snippets

UK deports Zim asylum seekers – one million Zimbabweans are estimated to be living and working, some of them illegally, in Britain. English version of available at What is your favourite African song? Nominate your favorite African produced song here.

Earthquake in southern Germany

And I didn’t notice a thing… Epicenter: near Waldkirch / Emmendingen. Measured 5.4 on the Richter scale. See also: Spiegel Report your earthmoving experience. Fill out the form at: They’re also interested to hear from you, if you did NOT feel the earthquake.