The Use of a Blog
Today i found out how useful old blog postings can be. Wanted to remove some Moire patterns from a newspaper scan and i knew that I had posted an entry on my old blog site. I get to minimize Moire patterns once a year at the most… and I easily forget which filter gives the […]
Online Tutorials
list of useful online tutorials for sql, html, php, css at scriptygoddess
the mitsubishi ad
One of the regular highlights of a Malawi visit is driving the Mitsubishi 4wd pick-up. It’s a solid vehicle, ideal for Malawi road conditions. And it’s fun to drive… But I did manage to lose grip in this ditch… YAMP…
freie sicht aufs mittelmeer
Here’s an interesting production playing at the Theater Basel. The stage is the streets of Basel… I saw an interview with Dani Levy, and I’m planning to go see the show. [Update Saturday Oct 30] I managed to get hold of a ticket despite the fact that the show is sold out for the season. […]
about returning to africa
The idea of returning is a dream that teases and torments many African expatriates.
What is Chiperoni?
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Phalombe Road (August 2004)
Photos taken along Phalombe Road in August 2004
I’ve started playing around with the css… I’m very much in “playground mode”. Everything is in transition… And this process will take some time. Cos my day job also involves sitting in front of “The Great Monitor” for hours on end, I try to use my free time to recover from the side effects of […]
the last wave
saw Peter Weir’s “The Last Wave” at the Stadtkino yesterday evening.
installing wp
Just decided to add my experience on installing WordPress… I set up the MySQL database, modified the wp-config.php as required, uploaded the files, and then triggered the installation. Well, all I saw was a long error message… it took me a while to find out but for some reason PHP wasn’t working. After this was […]
the first post
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